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Back in December 2018 I got round to compiling my User Manual For Me. Reading back through it with the benefit of hindsight I see how much it was coloured by then recent interactions and communication issues! Pretty brutal. I’ve been wanting to update it for some time, so here…

In a nutshell: We’re looking for a young person to join the Director of the Co-production Network for Wales on the Well-being of Future Generations National Advisory Forum
Closing date: 11th February 2021
Location: Wales (online meetings)
Contact details:

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Is this you, or someone you know?
* 16–25 years old…

In a nutshell: We’re looking for new people to join our team of freelance associate consultants at the Co-production Network for Wales.
Closing date: 15th January 2021
Location: home-based, Wales preferred
Contact details:

Who we are, the official blurb: The Co-production Network for Wales is the leading organisation in…

There is a ton of stuff going on everywhere right now. Everyone has loads on their plate mentally & emotionally. It feels awfully presumptuous daring to ask for help when other people have it much worse, y’know? And yet, I have to suck up my internal self-doubt and put this…

I wrote a post about the feeling of frustration and pointlessness I experience in retreats and personal development courses, which surfaces around the 3/4 point of the whole thing.

I was feeling that about 10 days ago. I wrote about it, hesitated to post it, posted it, and deleted it…

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There’s so much to do in the world.
There will always be more than we can do.

Working out the best use of your time is a valid use of your time.

(Notes from reciprocal coaching call this morning.)

Last month I drafted a table contrasting the traditional command-and-control approach to public services with the co-production / involvement / citizen-centred approach. Then I put it out on twitter to see what people thought of it. …

Somewhere along my biologist training or my subsequent cross-disciplinary meanderings, I picked up that you can measure many things about a river that tell you whether it is healthy or not: water quality, vegetation, wildlife, microfauna and flora, etc. All these indicators together paint a picture of its ecology, but…

Thinking about movement building (as we are endeavouring to do at the Co-production Network) and gathering people who feel like lone voices in the wilderness, the ones who think “there’s got to be a better way” and don’t necessarily know where to find the others who think like them.

Here’s to the “uncoordinated and disaffected masses” — we are organising.

Quote from Seth Godin blog post.

I have been having many conversations about KPIs lately, and often when I object to “KPI culture” people think I object to KPIs and measuring anything. I don’t.

What I mean by “KPI culture” is the habit organisations have of setting the Key Performance Indicators first, as goals to attain…

Noreen Blanluet

Co-production and citizen involvement in public services. I’m interested in complexity, empathy, relationship-centred practices, and related things. Wales, UK.

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